I have a tendency to over think my life. It’s always supposed to be full of complexities, and nuances, and expectations.

I quit using other forms of social media that didn’t let me express my inner thoughts. What’s the point if I can’t let loose and say what I mean to say once in a while?

I’m feeling confused about a girl. The one question on my mind is, ‘Does she like me?’.

You are a big, big pool of people. You’re bored, creative, disturbed, illuminating, and above all, highly opinionated.

You occasionally come into contact with my life, even if you don’t realize it.

You are few and far between, and there are days where I’d like it to stay that way.

We are always going to be incomplete: a painting, a building, a poem, a business left infinitely unfinished.

We are often living moment by moment, finding the next craze so fast that we hardly recallemember what was interesting and new a week ago.

We should get out more. Take in the sun, wherever we are, and just…bask. We are alive, and for a brief moment, that is a good thing.

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